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Our Clients: examples of our past work


Strategic and operational re-design:


  • Business planning for an NGO providing services and national campaigning work to support the young LGBT community in Ireland.  The plan covered strategy, operations, campaigning objectives and a 3-year financial budget .  The organisationís strategy sought to build on its strengths in service delivery to help replicate successful Dublin-based services in other locations.  The learning and insight that the organisation  developed through its service-based work provided the platform for  other elements of the strategy, in particular awareness raising, advocacy and training / capacity building.


  • Operational re-design for an established NGO providing grants and support to social entrepreneurs. The key objective for this project was to develop, formalise and implement a comprehensive set of strategic frameworks for the organisationís systems, processes and tools. The overarching aim of the project was to create a change in the working practices for the organisation to deliver; enhanced consistency, improved efficiency and allow the assessment and measurement of the social impact generated by the organisations core programs.


  • Full business planning for a coalition-based advocacy NGO working in the mental health sector.  The business plan defined the organisationís strategy, its 5 year campaign plan and set out its objectives around coalition building and developing internal competencies.  The planning process utilised the Social Change Model to help the organisation make its strategic choices.  A 5 year budget was developed to support the plan; this formed the basis of a proposal to a major funder for multi-year core funding.


Public and third sector partnership:


  • Strategic review and planning for a long standing NGO working in the mental health sector.  The purpose of the project was to develop a strategy discussion piece to allow the organisation to consider the strategic issues it currently faces and propose possible strategic options going forward.  This included an assessment of the potential options for redesigning their service offering to anticipate emerging trends within the mental health landscape and to work more effectively with commissioners.


  • Strategic and financial planning for a start up social enterprise specialising in independent living and self-directed support in the disability sector. The purpose of this project was to develop a strategic planning tool built on a financial model of the organisationís core service offering; support, advice, brokerage and consulting. This allowed the organisation to analyse and assess the implications of different strategic options within the context of the target population.


  • Strategic planning for a Local Authority commissioning group to help determine the strategy for the Short Breaks / Respite services provided to learning disabled people and their carers.  The work entailed defining a set of strategic options for the service and building a business case for each that helped understand costs and outcomes.  The analysis and strategic options incorporated Putting People First principles such as increased choice and control for service users, and enabled commissioners plan for the introduction of self-directed  support  in relation to the short breaks service.


Early stage business planning:


  • Supporting a social enterprise that provides networking, events and office infrastructure / administration services to third sector organisations.  We helped them define and document their social impact model using a theory of change framework.  The workshop based project enabled the organisation to articulate their impact when speaking with customers, investors and other stakeholders.  We also helped the organisation to develop a detailed financial planning tool that allowed it to understand the full project revenues, costs and valuation implications of moving to a new, larger site.


  • Supporting a social enterprise the Ďup-cyclesí waste materials into new fashion and accessory products.  After an initial proof-of-concept phase as a licensor, the organisation was seeking to scale up its operations and impact. We helped the organisation to develop a new business model and business plan that focused on building a corporate customer base to provide more regular access to higher volume waste, as well as buying back finished up-cycled products.  The business plan was used as the basis for discussions with external investors.





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