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Our Work


We believe in providing an individual service tailored to a client's specific needs. With this in mind, we will never commence a project with any pre-conceived notions of how it should develop or what the output will look like. Underpinning all of Simpacta’s work are the principles that strategy should be anchored in an evidence base and that operations should reflect an efficient and effective way to implement strategy.  Our approaches to the key areas in which we provide support are set out below; any individual project incorporates elements of one or more of these areas:


Strategic Planning: we use the social change model framework to help our client develop focused strategies that address specific and clearly-defined needs... <more>


Operational Planning: we work with client management and staff to develop and test ideas for enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency as well as measuring ongoing performance / social impact... <more>


Financial Planning:  we help our clients to develop financial decision-making tools built out of the fundamental ‘drivers’ of their organisation and their operating environment... <more>


Governance: we help organisations understand some of the governance options available to them (from board composition / skill-sets through to organisational legal structures) and help them choose those that address their needs... <more>  





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If your organisation is focused around a form of social impact and you are seeking support in strategic planning and implementation, we would welcome the chance to talk with you.


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