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Our Work: financial planning


We help clients build financial budgets and projections that are established from the fundamental drivers of their organisation and operating environment.  There is always, therefore, a clear link between the financial models that we build and the organisationís strategy and operations.


Our aim with this area of work is to deliver a flexible financial decision making tool rather than a fixed set of financial data, recognising that assumptions and other factors change over time. With this in mind, we always provide a minimum level of training for our clients so that they can update and re-use the financial model on an ongoing basis.  Often, the model will capture non-financial data and metrics that can be used to articulate social impact and other performance measurements.


The following examples provide a taste of the various types of financial models that we have developed for our clients:


  • 3-5 year cost budgets, enabling NGO clients to manipulate assumptions around key cost drivers such as staff recruitment and program costs to calculate their expected funding gap over the projected period.
  • Cost-benefit business case model for a public sector service provider that enables them to assess  both the cost-side and the expected outcomes of different strategic options.
  • Financial modelling for social enterprises that generate full financial statements built from real and detailed market and operating assumptions.  Our clients will often use these projections to prepare for valuation discussions with investors.


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