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Our Services


All of Simpacta’s work has a number of common strands in terms of the consulting modules / approaches that we use. Our work is usually delivered within one of three key service lines:


Strategic and operational re-design: Simpacta helps established organisations working in the social sector to develop sustainable strategies and operations that are clearly linked to well-defined social impact objectives and that anticipate and respond to changed in the operating and funding environment... <more>


Public and third sector partnership: Social care and healthcare service provision is undergoing a transformation in the UK, creating challenges for incumbent public sector agencies and potential opportunities for new entrants. Simpacta helps public and third sector organisations to develop strategies to respond to the changing landscape... <more>


Early stage business planning:Simpacta helps third sector clients, particularly social enterprises, to develop business plans that allow them to implement a well-defined growth strategy and provide a basis for dialogue with customers, grant-makers and investors... <more>





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If your organisation is focused around a form of social impact and you are seeking support in strategic planning and implementation, we would welcome the chance to talk with you.


Please contact us at:

020 8141 4602