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Our Services: early stage business planning


The third sector, in particular the social enterprise space, is relatively young and is characterised by a large number of new organisations, typically less than 3 years old.  These organisations will often have secured some seed (usually grant) funding to ‘test’ their concept in the marketplace at a relatively small scale. 


Those organisations that demonstrate success are then in a position to take the next step in scaling-up their operations.  Simpacta helps clients like these to develop a business plan (typically over a 3-5 year time frame) aimed at delivering growth in a managed and structured way.  Our work helps clients quantify their growth objectives and communicate this in a comprehensive plan covering strategy, operations, governance and financial budgeting / forecasting.  For social enterprises, this work also includes understanding the economics and market dynamics that underpin revenue streams.


These business plans are then used by our clients for internal planning and implementation purposes, as well as providing a basis for dialogue with customers, grant-makers and investors.  We have worked in a diverse range of new and ‘hard-to-define’ sectors, for example:


  • The recycling of waste materials into new fashion and accessory products
  • At-risk children / youth personal development services
  • Film and theatre productions to highlight social issues
  • Children / youth financial literacy


This form of work will often  include working closely with, or on behalf of grant-makers and third sector funding bodies. We have worked with a number of grant-makers in the third sector; including

UnLtd Ventures and the One Foundation.


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