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Our Services: public and third sector partnership


Social care and healthcare service provision is undergoing a transformation in the UK.  The principles underpinning the government’s Putting People First policy means that the traditional model of fixed, standardised public sector service provision is being replaced by flexible services, offered by diverse providers and chosen by the service user.


This emerging market creates challenges for incumbent public sector agencies and potential opportunities for new entrants, including NGOs and social enterprises.  Simpacta works with a variety of players involved at this interface between the public and third sectors:


  • Commissioners looking to ‘seed’ this emerging market and support opportunities for working in partnership with both incumbent public sector service providers and the third sector
  • New and existing third sector organisations seeking to offer a broader range of alternatives to service users as well as addressing the emerging need for brokerage / signposting services.
  • Existing public sector service providers seeking to focus on delivering outcomes and re-design the way in which they deliver their services in order to stay competitive.


Simpacta has worked with each of the three groups outlined above to help them develop strategies in the areas of mental health, learning disability and physical disability.


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