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Our Services: strategic and operational re-design


Established organisations working in the social sector are increasingly seeking to develop strategic and operational plans that will lead to greater impact and effectiveness.   Moreover, many social sector funders and investors  today will expect to see clear, coherent and robust strategies and operations to support funding / investment bids.


Simpacta supports organisations seeking to develop and articulate their strategy in a way that demonstrates the relationship between their work and well-defined social impact objectives, whilst making sure that the strategy anticipates and responds to changes in their operating and / or funding environment. We also help organisations translate their strategy into an operational ‘road map’ that will enable them to work efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis and measure their performance regularly.


Simpacta has provided strategy and operational re-design services to established NGOs, social enterprises and public sector agencies in a wide range of sectors. This has included clients working with refugees, asylum seekers, LGBT’s and migrant workers and across a breadth of sectors such as mental health, learning disabilities, alcohol & public health, integrated care and environmental sustainability. We work with both service providers as well as advocacy / campaigning organisations.


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If your organisation is focused around a form of social impact and you are seeking support in strategic planning and implementation, we would welcome the chance to talk with you.


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