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Our Work: operational planning


Translating a strategy into an operational plan requires working with on-the-ground staff to understand the way in which the organisation currently works; this allows us to work with management to develop ideas for enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency.  Proposed operational changes are always tested with the relevant staff in order to provide a means of validation, as well as ensuring key people buy into new ways of working.


Increasingly, we are seeing a need to incorporate measurement and monitoring frameworks and procedures into our clients’ working practices. This enables them to track their performance and social impact internally on an ongoing basis.


In projects where we are also supporting a re-design of strategy, we will often help our clients think about how they might access specific operational expertise and capabilities that it may not currently have internally. Through examining staff recruitment, partnerships or third party services options, Simpacta will help organisations determine the best way forward in terms of both approach and timing for operational expansion


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